The Maynard VI was a large spacecraft capable of ferrying people and supplies to other planets. In a final confrontation with The Nations' Alliance Galil O'Malley took control of the ship and directed it into the surface of Mars.

Previous MaynardsEdit

  • The Maynard: It was built in early 2031 and was destroyed on it's first voyage to Mars. The ship proved to be too heavy for the thrusters to fully stop it during docking procedures and crashed into the station causing 70,000 casualties.
  • The Maynard II: Built in late 2031 this Maynard had more thrust to counter the wieght and was able to make two hundred and fifty voyages before it was decomissioned and then abandoned on the surface of venus in the year 2035.
  • The Maynard III: Built in 2036 The Maynard III, known to most as the World's Most Expensive Coffin, had it's third voyage end in tradgedy when a failure in the ventilation caused radiation to be pumped throughout the ship killing all passengers. It is still adrift and is expected to collide into Saturn in the year 2078.