The Great War was fought between two factions during the 2040's. The Resistance on one side wanted to regain the democratic structure that the United States had been built upon. The Nations' Alliance however, wanted to keep the oligarchy that had taken contol of the United States in 2016.

Start of the WarEdit

The war began August 28th, 2041 on the day that Lucretia Lachance took over from her father Damien Lachance. After announcing a higher tax on goods several Resistance leaders, including Bill Davies and Hank Flemming, led an attack on the Lachance estate. Lucretia's father and brother were killed during the attack and her mother died in the hospital two days later from wounds she sustained when part of her room collapsed on her. The Lachance's Minutemen were able to capture the Resistance leaders and Lucretia had them publicly executed by her own hand on September 1st.

Lucretia met with other leaders of the Nations' Alliance on September 18th aboard the Maynard V and declared war on the Resistance. Minutemen were sent to many major cities to hunt down Resistance members and bring them before the Nations' Alliance. By February of 2042, 3,597 Resistance members had been tried and executed.

Galil O'Malley gets InvolvedEdit

By the end of 2043 the Resistance was losing greatly. Only a quarter of the Resistance remained and the number continued to shrink as more and more members were being hunted. They were outmanned and outgunned.

On December 15th Lucretia ordered a shipment of weapons to be sent to the Maynard V for the security personnel stationed there. It never arrived. The pilot of the transport ship said that a bearded man claiming to be a high ranking official arrived at the station shouting orders to gather up the weapons and send them to the scrapyard. When the pilot asked why, the official simply grabbed one of the rifles and fired into the air. The barrel of the gun exploded and the official threw the gun on the ground. The official turned toward the pilot and said that a malfunctioning machine in the production line didn't hollow out the barrels all the way, thus making the first shot explode the guns.

As the pilot was loading a truck up with the defective weapons the official crept up behind him and told himt to "Give my regards to Lucretia." He then tazered the pilot in the back and dragged him into an ammo crate and closed the lid. Climbing into the truck Galil peeled off the fake beard and drove the truck to a secluded area and gave it a paint job to disguise it as a Harker's Bakery delivery van. It was in the alley there that he began to sell weapons to the Resistance to help their cause.