Galil O'Malley was a master of disguise who terrorized Lucretia Lachance's rule from 2044 and stopped in 2049 with his death on the Maynard VI. Known disguises have been an arms dealer helping the resistance, a failed disguise as one of Lucretia's advisors, a cook on the Maynard VI, and many minor disguises. Not much is known about Galil O'Malley before the War of the 2040's except that he was born in 2013.

Arms Dealing for the ResistanceEdit

During February of 2044 rumors spread that there was an arms dealer supplying civilians with weapons to use against anyone operating under Lucretia's rule in Old New York. Lucretia's Minutemen were dispatched to find this arms dealer who would continue to elude them until June 12th when they got an anonymous tip to his location.

The arms dealer had been selling weaponry out of an alley between Harker's Bakery and Greensmen Bar of Old New York. Lucretia and a four of her Minutemen arrived at the alley to find the dealer in the alley smiling and talking with Bridget Harker and Alfonse Nero, a retired captain and long time visitor of Greensmen Bar. The three turned towards Lucretia and her Minutemen as they crossed into the threshold of the alley.

The Minutemen were instantly disabled by an EMP laser mine that had been set up in the alley. Before the three could do anything however, Lucretia shot the arms dealer with a Wallthorp Laser Pistol directly in the chest. Bridget and Alfonse were shocked to see Galil remove his coat and pull off the now smoldering fat suit he was using as part of the disguise. He then proceeded to shoot Lucretia with a tazer. Lucretia, who had a high tolerance to electric shock, ried to shoot him again. This time Galil was ready and shot it with the tazer which caused the gun to overload and the front of the gun to vaporize.


When he isn't working a disguise Galil is an average heighted, skinny, caucasian male with shaggy black hair and green eyes.